How To Apply NSR

What is NSR?

India has emerged as the global hub for IT and ITES industry and is providing services to international clients ranging from corporate, public bodies, and even foreign governments. India can persist attractive to such international clients only so long as we can keep up our service delivery to their comfort and demonstrate that we are following best practices in recruitment, information security, etc.

The premier Software industry association, NASSCOM has built a database of employees’ pre-verified resume designated “National Skills Registry.” The registry aims to register all industry employees on a web-enabled assistant owned and operated the database, uniquely identify each employee based on biometrics. NSR already has more than 15 lakh IT/ITES professionals in India registered and leading players in the IT industry are part of this initiative

By registering with NSR, your credentials will be kept confidential, and the contents will be accessible only to your immediate employer and such parties expressly authorized by you.


• Global clients are concerned about the Credentials / Backgrounds of Indian IT / ITES Employees, managing personal/critical knowledge of their customers/citizens.

• The National Skills Registry initiative aims to create, operate & maintain a national level database of IT / ITES professionals with verified status, education, and career information details.

• NASSCOM hopes that the NSR initiative will raise the level of security thereby protecting the importance of companies, clients and impartial professionals

What is in it for me?

• You have an active profile on an industry-wide database driven by NASSCOM.

• NSR Registration as a benchmark standard for information security.

• They have enhanced by the reliability of registered and verified information.

• You are defining for facing job applicants with full and bloated profiles.

• Safe and verified treasury of your personal, education and career details

• Companies can view the profile only with the individual’s consent.

• You will get access to your profile where you can update / edit information, have access to who visits your profile, etc.

What is in it for the Employer?

• Industrywide commonly accepted standards for background control practices.

• Self-sustaining system for hosting and the current sharing information by the enhance industry resource and collecting/verifying the new information.

• Create Uniqueness among registered professionals, ensuring that only genuine candidates are applying for employment

You would relish that if we are to seek business from international governments/clients, the credentials of our employees managing their critical information becomes crucial. The HR processes, like confirmation of service, promotion, and international placements, can be faster if the company gets a third party view on the background of the employee!

Therefore we inquire and recommend you to submit your resume to the NSR.

How to register with NSR?

First Step

  • Access
  • Name, Date of Birth, Addresses (Present, previous and Permanent, PAN, Passport details)
  • Your preferred User ID and Password for access to NSR
  • Details of Academic, professional and technical qualifications
  • Details of present and previous employment (joining/relieving dates, designations and addresses)
  • Make payment for registration of (Rs 337 /-)
  • Online or
  • Cash / DD at POS (at any of the Accenture on boarding locations). (DD made out to “Alankit Assignments Limited” and made payable at the respective site say Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai)
  • Take the print out of acknowledgment form with acknowledgment number for next step

Final Step at POS

  • If you have not opted the online payment, you will need to carry cash of INR 337 or a DD made out to “Alankit Assignments Limited” and made payable at the particular location say Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai.
  • Submit your fingerprints, photo, signature, registration fees of Rs 337/- and the acknowledgment printout to the point of service (POS). We will be arranging for the POS to at each of our onboarding facilities.
  • Please carry one of the following documents for identification: Employment Identity Card, Voter’s ID Card, Passport, Driving License, Bank Passbook (if photo attached), College ID card (not more than one year old), PAN card

II. How to Use NSR after complete registration

On the next day, NSR will inform you about your successful registration and your unique ITPIN (IT Professional Identification Number). A card bearing your photo and IT pin will add to the mailing address you have specified during registration. Now you can access NSR based on your ITPIN – User ID and Password to:

View & keep your details updated.
Permit companies to view your profile. In case a company sees your profile (as per your permission); you will be able to know that such a company has viewed your profile.
NDML help-lines:, +91-22 – 2499 4200

Read more about NSR: What is the National Skills Registry (NSR)

Leave a comment if you want to ask more knowledge from the users whether they applied for NSR or not before joining.